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¿Te imaginas la vida sin agua potable?
Para 650 millones de personas
es una realidad cotidiana.

650 million people have no choice but to draw water from Where They can , if it comes to a pond dirty or a seller of water expensive.

Why is this happening?

Without access to safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning, people are more likely to suffer from water-related diseases.

These can be deadly, killing more than 1,400 children a day.

The time and energy required to bring the water, Along With the negative health Impacts of the use of dirty water, Also has a major impact on the Ability of people to work or get an education.

In Countries Where we work, Communities Often poor lack access to sufficient quantities of drinking water locally, due to poor infrastructure and mismanagement of services. This May be down to a lack of skills, investment or political will to prioritize the right to water.